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During couple years of work with e-commerce websites, we gain the necessary knowledge to boost up your business. That’s why we are providing a wide range of services, which result in a complex care of your products. These things include:


Nowadays, creating websites is not only planning their content and graphics. It is also the analysis of interaction with user to customize the page layout to the best visual reception and developing page that allows to get appropriate content as fast as possible. Being aware of the business and marketing aspects of websites, we are able to achieve these goals.

In our work we use platforms such as Drupal, WordPress and Joomla! But we do not limit ourselves only to CMS systems. We create also dedicated products using flexible and reputable frameworks, for example CakePHP and Zend. Our knowledge in the topic of User Experience (UX) allows us to implement schematic solutions in a completely new and innovative way, making the site modern and business-oriented.

Online shops

During implementing and deploying online stores we have in mind the need to design them in such way that they will provide conversion as soon as possible while not discouraging customer for next purchases. By providing an appropriate e-commerce architecture, we are giving the easy-to-use tool that is flexible enough to easily transform store owner concepts into profits.

In our solutions, we are using popular and reliable shop platforms like PrestaShop and Magento. We are also specialized in developing and expanding modules for Magento stores. In addition to launching the product, we are providing training from the delivered tool. In this way, we want to ensure that the end user will be fully satisfied with the service he ordered.

E-commerce Solutions

Sometimes you want to create some dedicated web application to materialize your business idea into service. With our help, it will be not only easy but also well-prepared. Thanks that, your product will be recognized as a high quality, with great user experience, which will directly result in high website traffic.

By using a set of advanced technology, either on development or analytics area, we can not only create dedicated solutions, but we can also prepare a set of best practices how to improve performance and quality of your app. Not only in a technological sense, but also from a business perspective.

Websites Auditing

Creating a website is not the end of a path in creating the best services. To be a good quality player in an online business area you have to take into account a lot of factors. These include performance, security, scalability, user experience, customer care, responding to customers voice and many other. That's why you should trust someone with high knowledge in that field to support you with building the great product.

Working with over 60 e-commerce companies, we gain a deep understanding of which elements on the website and it's ecosystem should be prepared well to achieve success. By providing an audit of the website, we can prepare a set of suggestions that help you to achieve your goal. We can also assess your page according to other well-working websites and give you necessary knowledge how to become recognizable on the Internet.

Web Analytics

Nowadays, there is a lot of tools that allows you to track your customers' behaviour on your website. Having that lots of reports and data tables it's really easy to get confused instead of getting a real value from them. Our experts are available to help you prepare valuable dashboards and change these data into conclusions, that gives you an opportunity to understand your customers better.

In our work, we are not using only some basic tools, such as Google Analytics, but also more advanced solutions, like MergeBit Analyzer, HotJar or our dedicated tools. Thanks that, we are able to create a real average profile of our customer. Having that knowledge, you will be able to create marketing campaigns or ads that fit exactly to the group of people that are really interested in your services. This will result in less marketing costs with a higher level of good quality leads.


If you want to create the high-performance business, with a deep understanding of customer needs and with a high level of user experience or you simply have resources to create a business, but you don't know how to start - we can help you!

Working with e-commerce companies and start-up's we have a knowledge about a wide range of business domains and its markets, which can be useful for you to assess whether you should follow the path you planned to go.

Also, because some of our clients have a high-scalable solution, that handles thousands of customers in parallel, we could also help you to design a high-quality software architecture that works with high performance even on high website traffic. We have also a knowledge in implementing machine learning algorithms and data mining, so we can help you to develop some solutions, which results in future in the extremely valuable product.



Like any other company, we have our project workflow that leads to the creation of a high-quality final product. It looks as follows: firstly, we have a conversation with the customer to gain as much information as we can to suggest some solutions and discuss a way of creating a product for a client. Next, we are preparing a project scope document, which allows us and our customer to define set of functions to implement add helps to track a progress in creating the valuable business product.

After that, we are making complex analysis and design of a problem to invent best software architecture that fits exactly to company needs. Having completed architecture, we can start implementing final product. After implementation, we are doing a lot of tests, which gives us certain that end-to-user product is prepared with the high level of quality. At the end of the process, we are deploying final solutions to the production environment.

The whole process is repeated several times, which allow us to create fully functional component and thus the whole system, in accordance with the development best practices



You have your own business online, but you feel that it brings less profit than it should? Or maybe you want to know the profile of your customers to be able to adjust your website to increase conversion rate on it? With us, you will get the answer to these and other questions, connected with your website.

By making good use of web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics or MergeBit Analyzer, we are able to provide a variety of information related to customers profile, their preferences and interests. Such information may include, for example:

  • Most frequently visited subpage
  • Typical path on the site that leads to conversion
  • Segmentation of the market in accordance to specified parameters
  • Most frequently used components on the page
  • Elements of the page that leads customer to leave site

With these data we are able to propose the necessary changes on your website, that will result in increased benefits of your online activity.



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